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Think this out logically and rationally.

The 40 yards is an industry standard.

Do you shoot your birds, clays and bunnies at 40 yards? I think the answer is NO!

As for me, I pattern my chokes at the distance I use them, about 20 yards for woodcock, grouse and skeet targets, 27 yards for IC, 32 yards for modified, pheasants and 16 yard trap, and 40 yards for full and ducks, geese, and handicap trap.

The 40-yard patterns don't give me a clue to practical uses for lesser chokes than full. (And I have performed the 40-yard pattern "exercise"!)

And I know what chokes to put into all my guns for the task at hand, because I patterned every one of 'em, and know what to expect!

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