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pattern master choke tubes

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To anyone who shoots pattern master choke tubes my question is are they worth the money $79.99?
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hi i'm from canada and sum americans used them. they were very leathal on high flying geese. i've be trying to contact the company but no reply. i think there good but no customer service
I bought one for my Xtrema for waterfowl before Briley made to fit.

On the board, #6 shot field loads - a lot of edge distortion, some wandering pellets 12" off edge and center hole.

On the other hand, tried on the trap field at the 20, did great.

In the field, knocked a black duck back a few feet, left a cloud of feathers, before he was over the decoy spread with hevishot #4.

Comparing to a Briley LM, M or LF, all held pattern, no edge distortion or center hole.

Not worth the $ imho.
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The pattern masters are good chokes but a comp-n-choke is in my opinon better and cost less too. I used to have a pattern master for an old 835 I had and my only complaint was the price. I don't think they are worth the money.
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