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physical conditioning

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I noticed last year that the the more I practiced (IE) 15 rds a week, the more discomfort I felt in my right glute area. It got so bad that I had to take some time off and recuperiate a torn muscle. anyways, Do any of you do specific exercises that concentrate on your waist low back area. I have incorporated some of the Bender artical about physical conditioning of which has help a great deal on my leg strength but I consistently get muscle spasms or fatigue in my hip/ low back area.

let me know what you do
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I am in no way a perfect physical specimen but I do notice a difference in my cocnsistency with a little cardio work before the season. This past year was a shining example of just such a case. I had been shooting very strong all season (for me at least) even achieved a few personal milestones. As I headed into our state torney I was feeling pretty good. (Uknalis beware :lol: ) It began with a sleep deprived drive followed with 100+ temperatures. I ran the first field in the morning then slowly wilted like a pansie and drug myself off the field that afternoon after my worst 28ga round of the season. My lack of conditioning was amplified by the heat I still knew how to break each bird I just lost my focus. I couldn't stay sharp I CHOKED!

Lesson learned - I will return a leaner meaner skeeter this year. I have developed a routine now which also includes a stretch and flex before each round.
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The article that bender wrote last year on condtioning is what got me started plus the fact of tearing my mcl ligament and cartiliage in left knee prior to the start of the season. I did notice last year that i wasn't as fatigue going into the 4th box and would finish strong but like you when it came time for shootoffs of back to back rounds, I was sore and tired. I had a physical trainer guide me thru some exercises specifically on working thighs, hamstrings, low back. there is a web page that is of great value in getting us 40 somethings to feel like 20 again. go to and look up exercise and muscle directory. let me know what you think
Just forget about physical conditioning for the game of skeet. Do it because it will enhance your total matter what you are doing! It can and will help keep you ALIVE.

Find a good gym, get with a pro, work out a fitness routine that works your WHOLE BODY....not just legs or lats or gluts...that is just stupid! You need your WHOLE BODY so work your whole body.

Neat thing is, in just short time, you will actually start to crave exercise. Later on, you'll even start to like it!! There have actually been times where I left the Gun Club just so I could go work out....strange but true!

Motion is lotion...the more you move the better you'll feel (and the more you'll use your hot tub too). :lol:
I started shooting skeet last June and about the same time I started going to the gym.
I've lost 30 LBS and it feels great two weeks ago I shot 10 rounds of skeet without any ill effects.
I didn't start working out for skeet I did it for health reasons but it has helped a great deal.
I do ½ an hour of weights plus 30 - 45 minuets of cardio and it is fantastic.

I've worked out with weights on and off since high school and I have to tell spot workout makes no sense what so ever. Work the whole body if you don't have a lot of time to spend in the gym break up the work out.

Put one workout for big muscles like the back and legs (not in the same day) and combine the smaller ones i.e. chest and triceps on Monday then shoulder and biceps on Tuesday, back on Wednesday take Thursday off or just do cardio.
Hit the legs on Friday then take Saturday and Sunday off or just do cardio.
Start everything again on Monday!
Oh I forgot the Abs they are a large muscle group but you can hit them every day or three times a week.
There are lots of different combinations find one that works for you.
I'm not a trainer nor am I a doctor so talk to your health care pros before doing anything! :D
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Buckshot Bob said:
I started shooting skeet last June and about the same time I started going to the gym.
I've lost 30 LBS and it feels great two weeks ago I shot 10 rounds of skeet without any ill effects.
10 rounds of skeet with no ill effects... Where I shoot, that would have caused my wallet to burst into flames!!!!

When I took a lesson from Bender last year... determined to get my monies worth, I worked out for a month before the lesson. I have to say, that was the best I shot all year. After that, my gun seemed to get heavier and heavier, and I was never able to shoot it as well as when I had been working out. Naturally, instead of continuing to work out, I have sold the gun, and found a lighter one! :oops: But I will start working out again after this next HUGE practicle test is over. I'll be interested to see if my shooting picks up again as I get into better shape.

bd the body hard and it helps your mind work easier too! It really does, it moves around more blood up and through the brain....really your whole body and everything just works better...heck, I even crap better!! With your study load, you need to be hitting the gym or at least regular brisk walks with something! It will help. Great stress relief.

Early April, 2 heart attacks, 12 days in the hospital, 9 in intensive care....mid June, stress test, 138 beats a minutes, 16 minutes on the treadmill, one freakin' amazed cardio_specialist. That heart hacker thinks he a heart god, he's a putz. What saved my life was a guy named Joe who is a trainer at my gym! Good strong heart and body (OK, I did plug my pipes up with about a billion chicken fried steaks, bacon sandwiches, and a pack a day smoking habit...hey, nobody is perfect! ) The gym will keep you alive.

Besides, there are more goooood looking gals at the gym than there at the skeet range. :wink:
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