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Picatinny rail for regular Supernova

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Hello all,

New Benelli SN owner checking in.

Anyone know if its possible to add picatinny rail for the regular Supernova? (i.e not the tactical / pistol grip version).

My gun has very slight roughened "rail" etched on top of it before the sight rail , but there are no screw holes or anything. I have seen some folks in this forum with EoTechs on top of their Benellis, but I didnt see which model did they have. I realize the description may have been less than perfect, but if you know what I mean and have idea, I would appreciate it.

Any insights?

Many thanks in advance.
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Yes, you can attach a picatinny rail to a standard SN, providing that you are prepared to have it drilled and tapped.

I have both an OEM (Benelli) rail and Mesa Tactical for my SN. The hole spacing is the same on both and I would use the chosen P-rail as the 'template' for drilling and tapping. Ensure that your screws go all the way in. You might need to purchase over long screws and then grind back to the appropriate length i.e. just short of being flush with the underside / inside of the action - you don't want the screws sticking proud and binding up the bolt!

Dependent on your confidence concerning cutting metal you might want a gunsmith to do the job. You really don't want to get it wrong!!

If you go ahead, it would be good to see some photographs.

I've just had a second thought, which may or may not be practical. I believe that Benelli advertise a cantilever barrel / mount for the US market. If you are in the US and are able to source one of those barrels (expensive!) you can simply attach a red-dot or whatever to the cantilever mount.
All the best and Merry Christmas,

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