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pidgeon loads?

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what kind of loading are they refering to when they say pidgeon loads?they were talking about making your modified choke pattern like a full choke. How do you do that?thanks a lot. sj :?:
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"Pigeon load" generally refers to a load of 3-1/4 drams, 1-1/4 oz of extra hard 7-1/2s. The extra hard shot contributes to tighter patterns. I believe they are not legal for any clay target games, except perhaps European FITASC.

If you don't need 1-1/4 oz of shot, premium quality handicap trap loads of 3 drams, 1-1/8 oz of extra hard 7-1/2s will often give a similar effect with considerably less recoil.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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