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Pistol grip or regular grip

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I'm looking into modifying a Remington 870 Express that I've had for years and don't shoot anymore into a tactical shotgun for defense. I'm looking at speedfeed stocks for it and was wondering what everyone's opinions were about pistol grips on tactical shotguns. I plan to use this shotgun in 3 gun matches as well. I really like the idea of the shorter speedfeed IV-S, but that only comes with a pistol grip. I have nothing against using a pistol grip, just wondering what others have experienced. Thanks.
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I tried a buttstock like the Speedfeed IV-S (it was an ATI) on my Mossberg 590. While I thought it looked cool (I mean "tactical" ahem :roll: ), for me it just wasn't as comfortable as a regular buttstock. My Rem 870 is sporting a Speedfeed Youth Model (13" length of pull) buttstock.
FamilyGuy: Re SpeedFeed IV stock on Moss590/500 I've been looking at these, but I cant find a picture of the exact 500/590 model. Is this stock's grip snugged up right and proper to the 500's trigger guard?

I got burnt on Choates Mk5 pistol grip stock, it was the 870 model with the grip set well back from the trigger guard, only the barest tip of my finger would make the trigger. Horrible.
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