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Poll: Ground Blind or Tree Stand...?

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When hunting Whitetail with a shotgun, how many prefer hunting in a Tree Stand, or a Ground Blind?
Tree Stand1252.17%
Ground Blind1147.83%
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treestand i have harvested from both. I like many of you have kids that I take hunting. bass pro has a 2 person treestand for $99.00 + shipping ($10.00 for over size box and $8.00 shipping ) it only there online in the store they cost 100 more it works great and comes with 2 safety harness and a rail. or you can build a cool tree house witch doubles as a deer stand( *******? naw ! ) I have 80 acres so yea I am spoiled I have 7 stands in place and my tree loung is a wall hanger now.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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