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poly chokes

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Can any one tell me more about poly chokes because I love them so far.
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Hey ClayShooter,
We've actually had several lengthy posts on the Poly and other adjustable chokes. One of those discussions is at ... light=poly

Another is in the Shotgun FAQ forum. If you really love them then you can actually by the whole company. Marble's is selling the company and trademark, etc.

Jay Gentry
What is the slug setting equal to, skeet choke?
RemingtonII said:
What's not to love about poly chokes.
In my opinion, they are UGLY!!

Interesting to see this old post up again, but timely. I just got a Poly-choked for my Wingmaster 20 *****, and it is SUPERB. Shot a 25 in skeet, and I am anxious to take it on a sporting clays course. Patterns are PERFECT. Greatest invention of the 20th century.
Hey, Remington II, I'm with you! Ugly or not, I really like them. I have an old 20 ga. Wingmaster that I'm thinking about having one put on. Got the Wingmaster somewhere around 1959 or 1960, can't remember the exact year. It's got a lot miles on it, been reblued twice. Anyway, it would be nice to have more options than just modified.
Snuffy: If you would consent to be a product tester, and write a report, you would qualify for a DEEP discount on a new poly choke, and even ribbing, if you want. Send me an email and I'll explain to you how it works.

Poly-choke is having a rebirth of sorts, with sales up 400% in the last year. The new generation, like me, does not think Poly-Chokes are ugly at all.

I had a chance to talk to several gun manufacturers about poly chokes and they wanted third party vendors off the end of their barrels. Threaded chokes were a way to do that, and the only way they could get Poly off their barrels were to start with the "ugly" routine, which, finally, got enough momentum to obsolete the Poly choke.

We have found that 27 inches on the 20 ***** is optimum, with the poly choke. Remington thought the same thing.

One thing nice about having a new Poly choke installed is that the factory will get the POI where you want it.
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