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I have a poly choke on my 20ga. model 37 featherlight (first shotgun). I always liked the choke but I never used it for ducks, and I never patterened it. I do know I used to put it on Imp Mod usually because thats what I "thought" was the best choke and I seemed to break or kill what I hit pretty cleanly. I also recall when I was little, if I missed a few birds, I had to change the choke cause that had to be the reason. Kids! I haven't shot it for a few years since I now have other guns.
My dad had a model 12, 12 gauge with polychoke that he used a few times, until the damned thing fell off one day. He dropped both the dove and the choke. I would not expect that to happen with a new one - that one was an auction buy, probably it had previously fallen off and was glued/soldered on. Who knows.
I personally liked mine, but some people don't like the look of them. Another thing with the older ones, I'm not sure if they are safe to shoot with steel shot.

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