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poor crimp on reloads

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I've messed around with both the final crimp adjustment and with the wad seating depth on my MEC sizemaster going back and forth between lead and bismuth reloads. Now I'm getting a crappy crimp. It's not a spiral or anything like that, just dented and/or wrinkled along the edge of the crimp

Anyone out there knowledgable willing to talk me through some adjustments so I can get back to the decent crimps I used to get. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
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I would recommend giving the folks at MEC a call. Their technical assistance representatives are very good at solving these little issues.---AFG
thanks, I've mostly corrected the problem, I think.

I've adjusted the wad pressure to where it measures nearly 40 pounds, despite the fact that mec says no pressure is needed with modern plastic components. I assume 40 pounds is not excessive and won't cause me problems, but does ensure good wad seating

I adjusted the cam and final crimp depth incrementally until the depth looked about right and the crimp was nearly always tight (no center hole) in the center

Still got a little messy crimp every second or third reload which I think I now have corrected by setting the starter crimp to push down a little further. It was providing a very minimal crimp start.

Reloads seem to be coming out really good now

I think I learned quite a bit about the adjustments, that should make it easier next time I set up for a different load
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It took me many hours of trial and error to set my MEC up, but i bought it used. The previous owner reloaded AA's and I reload Remingtons. Glad to hear that you have got it working. Good Luck and Good Shooting---AFG
I am thinking about buying a MEC Sizemaster, have a Lee Load-All II at the moment...
Can you measure the Height of the Sizemaster with the handle down.. ______ inchs...
I have a custom reload box that folds up & back for the Lee Load-All & would want to use the same box for the Sizemaster if possible.....
Many thanks,
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