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Powder charge

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How far off can a powder charge be in 28 gauge? For example 13 grains ( Hogdon Universal Clays) Win. hull,wad and primer, 3/4 oz shot(as per hogdon data). Can I go over that charge or must I stay under it? If I can go over how much is safe and acceptable? If I must stay under how much is safe and acceptable?
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With Winchester primer and wad, a 13 grain for 1200 fps is the only one listed; that limits your flexibility on this load. Your powder charge should be within 0.1 or 0.2 grains of 13.0 (normal variation on a loader.

With a slower powder, like Longshot, you will have a wider range of acceptable powder charges, with several muzzle velocities to choose from. With Universal, to try and get any velocity much over 1200 fps would result in too high a pressure.
That's the load I use for 28ga Win AA I find it clean and shoots well. I took a # 17 Mec bushing and painted the inside with nail polish until it dropped exactly 13 grains. The area I load in is air conditioned so I don't have much variance because of humidity. I still weigh at least the first charge when I start to loading or change loads.
Jersy Hunter...
I want to reduce a Lee 7/8 ounce shot bushing to a 3/4 ounce which Lee doesn't make... Would Nail Polish do it or would Epoxy be better?? Do you coat the nail polish to the edges or in the middle... I tried a horizontal shaft in the middle but the Lee (Lee Load-All II) would not meter the lead the same.... Bob
Jersey Hunter I think you have a typo mec bushing #16 is what mec reccomends for universal . A # 11 would be smaller than a #16 correct? Or am I wrong?
Sorry about that I read the book wrong It was a #17 bushing I put polish in a(my book says it's 13.5 grains) and reduced it to 13 grains thanks for the correction.

I think I would use epoxy to fill your shot bushing if you get too much in there you can always grind some out.

Note!!! I corrected the first post thanks again.
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