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Mokeman3 said:
steelersfan said:
Changed homes after 30 years and my area reserved for reloading is about 50% smaller. I was thinking about storing my reloading powders in one of those storage cabinets made out of plastic with a lock to keep the grandkids out. Planned to put it in the panic room due to lack of flammable materials but wonder if in case of a fire there would be less chance of any kind of explosion if it was stored out in open storage racks. I have a good deal of powder but its all stored in the original containers, plastic, paper, metal, ect. Figured to store the primers in a seperate location also under lock. Might be better off trying to find a fireproof door for the panic room and then it might not make much difference how its stored. Just wondering what some of you other shooters thought. Thanks for any input.
What the heck is a "panic room" ?
The open rack idea sounds good, but I'd try and keep the powder as low to the ground as possible. Plastic storage cabinet would probably be fine I suspose since it wouldn't allow for pressure buildup/explosion should it catch on fire.

Better yet, is there a way to just keep the grandkids out of your reloading area, or is your reloading area shared with their play area?

Panic rooM, a place to go hide when the scourge of the earth is trying to beat down your doors and the local laws have defeated the ability of the good folks to defend themselves by prosecuting those that do.
Just my opinion :evil:
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