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Pretty Funny Money....

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Yep, this week them new $20 bills will be turned loose on the unsuspecting public. For those that get the new Christmas wrap bills good luck trying to convince the clerk at the (in)convience store or drive thru to take one, heck just for giggles throw in a Susan B, a Sacagawea, or even a $2 bill for extra mirth.

On Thursday, about $19 billion worth of the bills - with a new watermark, color, security thread and unframed Andrew Jackson - go into distribution. The marketing includes TV ads, a sweepstakes and, in a government first, product placement in TV shows.

Counterfeits aren't the only reason for ads. Poor communication about the last changes in 1996 left cashiers confused, vending machines unable to take the new bill and old bills seen (incorrectly) as valueless in some foreign markets.
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