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my side by side V.G. Bentley 12 GA has taken up the habit of firing both barrels if I pull the back trigger (left barrel).
heavy recoil is not a problem with me but this is a bit much it's also a bit of shock to the system if you don't expect it.
any ideas why it's started to do this?.
thanks IRISH

PS it's fine if I fire the right barrel first

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(1/4/03 6:23:12 am)
Re: problem with double trigger
double barells firing is a problem i find more common with single trigger set ups. where the same mechanism triggers both pins.

it could be as simple as dirt in the mechanism or it could be a broken internal safety.

I would refrain from using the gun before having it checked since if a barell fires without its trigger bein pulled it might fire on its own due to a shock when you dont expect it.

You can try to clean up the front of the gun and if possible try to clean the inside of the mechanism to see if it helps..

Some ideas since you say it started doing it suddenly:
Did you go in any environment which could have let dirt inside the mechanism?

Did you use any excesively powerfull loads when it first happenned that could have caused a loosening of the internal mechanism?

Does this happen with all loads or with just a specific load? Old guns sometimes can't handle modern magnum load.

I would suggest, taking into account the age of the gun a visit to a competent gunsmith for a full service

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(1/5/03 6:42:15 pm)
Reply Re: problem with double trigger
thank's for your help dks
the biggest load I've fired in it is a box of win. superX 36 Gm (Australian made ones) I've been told it is good for the heaviest 70 mm shell's made (1 1/2 ounce? ).
I will bring it to a gunsmith this week.

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(1/5/03 11:37:47 pm)
Reply Re: problem with double trigger
I had that problem with an old stevens 12g sxs. I had to tear the gun apart and completly clean it...I don't recommend anything like that though, took 4 1/2 hours to put it back together, but maybe a really good cleaning will fix it.
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