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Proper loading of a pump at Trap

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Going to try a borrowed model 12 at Trap tomorrow (assuming the rain holds off). Been almost 30 years since I shot trap or even a shotgun. With winter coming, its going to get too cold for the rifle range, thought I'd try trap during the winter.

I know I can find out by watching tomorrow but thought I'd ask here.
What is the proper way to load a pump on the line?
I am assuming one shell just before you shoot. Do you usually insert the shell directly into the chamber, then close the action? Insert the shell into the magazine and rack the action?

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When you come up to the station, you will have your gun's action open (slide all the way to the rear). When it's your turn to shoot, turn the gun such that the ejection port is pointing up to the sky. Drop a shell into the open port. Dip the muzzle slightly and push the slide forward with authority. You are now ready to shoot. The safety should be OFF. Once you take your shot, push the slide to the rear at a medium speed and catch the empty with your right hand and put it in your pouch/pocket/vest. Leave the slide in the rear most position until it's your turn again. Repeat the above procedure.

When you move to the next station, make sure that the slide is still open and the muzzle pointed downrange. When you move from station 5 to station 1, again make sure that slide is open; turn the muzzle toward the sky and walk behind the other shooters. Keep that muzzle pointed UP until you get all the way to station 1. Then point the muzzle downrange and signal to the person who starts the rotation that you are ready.

That should do it. Remember, you don't load until it's your turn to shoot. ALWAYS keep the muzzle pointed downrange or straight up in the air. Keep the action open unless it's your turn to shoot. Then open it immediately after the shot and leave it open. Enjoy.
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Welcome and I wish you luck and fun at trap.
When I use a pump on the trap line I drop one shell in the ejection port (top hole), wait for the guy ahead of you to say pull, close the action, when the shot is fired raise your gun, yell pull, last dust that birdie! One thing to make sure of is you do not point the gun before the person ahead of you shoots, it can be distracting.
The way I usually see it done is: have the action open, on your turn stick a shell in,(so it just lays on the carrier) and slide the action forward. You might be able to get away with putting the shell in on the guy before you's turn(don't close the action though) but then I dont know how strict your club is. :)
Good point, I've only shot formal trap at one club and to maintain the flow the above is recomended.
Very easy, drop a shell in :D .

I use a remington 870 pump and that's how I do it. I've never tryed putting one in the chamber because I was always told just to drop one in. I personally wouldn't worry about it because you will have to worry about enough things already.

Just drop one in, be safe, and have fun.
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The only change I would make to the above advice is not to close the action until your turn. Above it was mentioned to close the action between when the guy before you calls pull and when he shoots. That in my opinion is a bit rude. The sound of the action can mask the sound of the trap releasing which some listen for. And if the bird comes out a no bird you have a loaded gun while the guy before you hasn't shot. There could be a gun malfunction, his gun could blow up. Now you are standing there shocked, maybe hurt and your gun is loaded somewhere.

Wait till the guy before you shoots then close the action, shoulder the gun and call your bird. A tiny bit of practice and you won't hold the squad up at all.
Agree with Kavall.... guys that shoot pumps shuck the empty into their right hand, drop it in the shell bag, drop a new shell into the action, and wait with the action open until the man before them SHOOTS. Then close the action, mount the gun, and call the bird. Same with an auto or a break-open gun... the action doesn't close until after the shot.

When the marker calls "ready", you don't drop a new shell until you have moved.
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