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When you come up to the station, you will have your gun's action open (slide all the way to the rear). When it's your turn to shoot, turn the gun such that the ejection port is pointing up to the sky. Drop a shell into the open port. Dip the muzzle slightly and push the slide forward with authority. You are now ready to shoot. The safety should be OFF. Once you take your shot, push the slide to the rear at a medium speed and catch the empty with your right hand and put it in your pouch/pocket/vest. Leave the slide in the rear most position until it's your turn again. Repeat the above procedure.

When you move to the next station, make sure that the slide is still open and the muzzle pointed downrange. When you move from station 5 to station 1, again make sure that slide is open; turn the muzzle toward the sky and walk behind the other shooters. Keep that muzzle pointed UP until you get all the way to station 1. Then point the muzzle downrange and signal to the person who starts the rotation that you are ready.

That should do it. Remember, you don't load until it's your turn to shoot. ALWAYS keep the muzzle pointed downrange or straight up in the air. Keep the action open unless it's your turn to shoot. Then open it immediately after the shot and leave it open. Enjoy.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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