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OK, here's a quick tour:

Open site: Hodgdon Landing | Hodgdon

Click Shotgun icon

Select the shell gauge and type from the Step 1 and 2 pull-down menus. Yeah, you gotta identify the "hull" you will be loading.

Select the Payload type - you probably want to use lead shot from Step 3

Select the shot weight from Step 4 (those are in ounces)

(Optional) If you want to narrow down the powder list you can pick a Manufacturer, but the lookup still works if you don't know that Titegroup is a Hodgdon brand. Step 5, or skip Step 5

Step 6- chose Titegroup as the powder.

Click Update Data button and you should see the Titegroup loads for the selections you have made.

For example, there's at least 75 loads published for 12 Gauge Remington STS shells, with 1 ounce of lead shot and Titegroup powder. To show all the 12 gauge loads would be hundreds of loads, maybe even thousands.

If you are loading some low volume or hunting shell, then there is a good chance you won't find it among the choices of the Shell Type list. That is what most commonly makes it hard to find a load for, say, a Win-eral Super Duper Magnum 3.5" hull you might find in a goose pit. Only the common hulls get the efforts needed to research and test loads for publishing.

good luck, garrisonjoe
Nice write up, thank you
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