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Thanks guys. Now if I can just figure out which of the several Hodgdon Rem STS and Win AA menu items to use, I'll be set. I may have to pick each one and see if there are any differences between them. Maybe they're the same data.
Just keep picking them until you get the one with data. As long as you are using/selecting lead shot data the data is good. All Rem target hulls are internally the same (STS, gun club, clay&field, game load). All Win target hulls are internally the same (AAhs, super target and I believe universals although I have not loaded them to verify). And Win and Rem target hulls are the same aside from some length differences that will change your crimps.

Although I don't intentionally load Rem and Win hulls at the same time, because of the length difference which changes crimps some, if there is a few gun clubs mixed in with my AAhs or vice versa, no worries, fill em up and shoot em.
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