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Pump Forend Grip?

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So after googling and searching various online gun shops, amazon and a few other places, I am uncertain as to which forward shotgun grip is best?

I have a TAC model 870. I have actually felt a really nice grip that resembled this ( that was owned by a Navy SEAL team on exhibit.

Does anyone have any brands or models that you own or that you would recommend? Thanks.
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Are you looking for a vertical foregrip for your pump?

If so, I have not really found anything that is comfortable as it comes from the factory. I made a "stubby" VFG from an SOG Armory unit that I ran for a while, but that wasn't the best solution either.
Give the Hogue overmolded fore end grip a try. You won't be disappointed. I have one on my 500, and i love it.
If you are also interested in adding a tactical light, the Surefire 618LF would be my choice.
Ah yes -- forgive me for not being precise becaues it IS a vertical grip that I am looking for.

My stock forend is nice but having that vertical grip seems like would I be able to manage pumping action better.

Regardless thanks for the feedback and I have looked at everything you guys posted!
I've been considering a vertical as well since I have a little trouble using the standard forearm. I don't know what to go with, though as nothing has really tripped my trigger yet.
I have a Mako tri-rail forend with a Command Arms foregrip. I like it a lot and the length of the vfg is perfect.
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Sweet EB.

That's exactly what I was looking for, more or less. I wasn't planning on buying a tri-rail but I think that's probably the best idea so far. Can you adjust the length of the vertical grip, like bring it back or forward for comfort?

Is it heavier than the stock 870 slides? And do you think you would like a slightly angled grip compared to a straight vertical one? I mean like, one with fabricated finger positions and shaped kinda like this \ instead of this | ?
Oh and EB did you have to buy all new slide rails?
I'm afraid I'm going to have to buy them as well =\

:Edit: After taking out my gun and looking more closely, I may be able to remove the default forend from the slides. I've just never broken it that far down. In the next few days I'll probably disassemble and look into removing the slides from the forend. I do see though that your slides are silver on your TAC model, whereas on mine they are black.
The vertical grip can be placed anywhere on the rail. A quick release would make it very easy, but I like this one because it is about the same length as the pistol grip and just looks right to me. You do not need new slide rails, just something to remove the nut on the front of the factory forend. I used a flat standard screwdriver and took my time so I didn't scratch the mag tube. I polished my slide rails, bolt, and a few internal parts to improve function. I have heard of people putting a highly abrasive polishing compound in the receiver and rails and working the action a bunch to smooth it out, but I just used a 600 and 1200 grit emery cloth followed by some polishing with the dremmel and it is just what I wanted. I can now hold the shotgun muzzle up and press the slide release and it will fall open.
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Ahh so you basically stripped the rails down to bare metal, yes? Were they one time black as well? I only ask because it appears your ****** is a TAC model as well.

I can see why you did it because the slide action isn't very smooth, even after I clean and grease my gun, even when it hasn't been fired. It's smooth enough for steady operation, but yeah in no way could I simply release the action by just pressing the release button in a vertical position.

Thanks for all of your input -- exactly what I wanted and you have basically the same model as me. Now I just gottta get over that tri- rail mako price of 120 bucks!
You could always just buy a short chunk of rail and bolt it to your current forend. ... mpaign=649
I really like my TacStar, they are cheap as hell but feel pretty good.
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I've been mulling the forend for quite some time. I have an 870 with an ATI topfolder (probably gonna change that) with the OEM forend and a 590 with no forend as it came with one of those surefire lights that I took off because I didn't like it.

I like the grip ones like the tacstar, but it seems like it would be difficult to impossible to rack from the hip in a SHTF situation. I really like the forend with the fertical grip mounted way forward, that way you can use it if you want, but it's not in the way for shooting from the hip. It seems that there are a ton of stock options but relatively few forend options.
Yeah I agree -- you see TONS of stocks and rear grips but not very many vertical forend grips.
I'm going to disassemble my gun this weekend and really examine my forend and it's relation to my slides (My instruction manual isn't specifically for my TAC model 870 so I learn through my own experiences. Dunno if they even have TAC model guides). I think that perhaps I can tap out the center of the forend and install it on another forend grip -- although I am not against just buying a stick of rail like Tempest recommended.

Whichever way, you guys are the ****. Thanks for all of your input and every little bit helped. I don't know too much about shotgun parts and accessories but I am learning very quickly with the help of the site.

I will be back in a few days with a reply about what I end up doing. :D
To remove forend:
Open the action, remove the mag clamp, then uncsrew the extended tube. Slide the barrel off, then firmly run the slide foreward and the slide assy. and bolt assy. will all come out. If you look in the end of the forend you will see the forend nut. There is a special tool you can use to turn it but I just use a flat bit screwdriver and some elbow grease. After you remove the nut the forend slides of the metal tube. Slide the new one on the tube, and replace nut. Put the bolt back on the carrier, an the lugs on the carrier back in the slots on the action bars. Slide the whole shebang back over the magtube. When you slide the bolt back into the reciever it will hang up. Reach inside and hit the shell stops and it will slide the rest of the way in. Put the barrel, mag tube and clamp back on and your done. Note the factory mag tube is 2 pieces. Put the tube on first and then the nut.
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