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I really want to shoot one of those elmo dolls, just after hearing the TV advert. I had some fun a while ago with shooting stuff, with winchester 12 gauge 3 inch steel shot #4-computer motherboard @20 feet-clean hole, nice pattern, overall shredded it pretty goodpiece of 3/4 inch plywood @20 ft.nice 3 inch hole, tore the plywood in half.horrible country christmas CD in original case @ 10ft.nothing left but the front paper insert. nice pattern, could almost tell what kind of wad they use :)tough computer keyboard, using winchester 3 inch #4 Buckshot at 30ftKeys went flying, nice big dents all over, bent and destroyed. numerous steel cans, old speakers, other junk @10 ftshredded nicelyheavy sheet metal, old computer cases - 3inch 1 and 1 1/8 oz. slugsnice clean 3/4 hole !log in the woodpile, endgrain, @ 6 feet- 3inch, winchester 1 1/8 rifled slug-had to split the log to find the slug, slug penetrated 6 inches and was deformed into a spiral shape, wad was found 4 inches into the log, somewhat deformed, but still intact.From this "testing" (goofing around), I would say, if you really want to annilate something, use 3 inch shells, and a distance of 10 to 30 feet There was a "pumpkin carving" contest at work recently, and I was really temped to try carving one with my shotgun :)A friend told me that 2 liter pop bottles are really fun to shoot, havent tried that though..Happy shotgunning- Chad_E
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