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Hi there,

I am visiting family in Armenia and have just been given a shotgun by an uncle.

I cannot find any information on the gun on the internet. What I have been able to discern is that the gun appears German, is of good quality (to my eye) and that it is a 16 gauge side by side.

There is text on the barrels between the two which reads:

"-> Frz. SchniderSchitz - Melk A/D. -<"

Melk is a place in Germany I believe?

There appear to be proof marks on the stock section although it is difficult to make them out.

The barrels are made by Krupp and are fluid steel (Krupp-Fluss-Stahl), which leads me to believe this is a higher quality firearm (from some research into barrel materials done via

The metal engraving on the stock is quite detailed and is of a floral design. The stock looks to be made from a quality hardwood, not sure what type but it fits very well with the metal parts of the stock. The triggers of the gun are set one in front of the other. All other metal parts of the gun carry the same floral engraving except the barrels.

Any information on dates, the maker, or the guns value would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

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Here is more information from the underside of the barrels.

A coat or arms with feathers around and a shield in the middle
Elaborately drawn ER or EF (hard to make out)
NPF in a logo design
1998.34. (Cannot be the year, this gun was bought 10 years ago or more at least)
16.1 (on both barrels - gauge?)
Metal between barrels - 12 (3 or 9) 4.g.

The word "choke" is written on both barrels.

There is also another logo which looks like a box with a crown on it

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Two marks are stamped on the stock part where the barrel fits:

NPF Logo 1998.34

The NPF logo has the N and P together and the F smaller and slightly apart. All letters are CAPITALS.

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did you ever get your answer? I have a similar shotgun and am looking for books, anything to further research it. :wink:

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No, nothing as yet but I live in hope. If I can't get any information Im going to ask at a gun store in the UK when I get home.

What is your gun like? Does it have the same or similar markings etc?

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I also have recently inherited a similar shotgun. Mine also is a 16 ***** with very elaborate engraving of a fox one one side and a bird (partridge?) on the other. The trigger guard is elaboratly scrolled and it has a very unusual butterfly or wing nut type of a safty switch on the top. The barrels are marked KRUPP-LAUFSTAL. The ***** is marked with a 16 with a circle around it plus a 16/1 stamped just below it. Mine has a MODEL 3967 CAL. 3. with fancy scribing just under where the barrels pivot. Had to pull the pin and remove the barrels to see it. Also has a cheek rest in the stock. This gun looks to be 50 + years old to me. Do you know what LAUFSTAL means?. I live in USA and am determined to identify but so far am coming up empty. Will advise if I find anything out. Good luck

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Gentlemen, since no one participating in this forum seems to know what you three have, I'll take this opportunity to direct you to http://www.***********/cgi-bin/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi these guys are more knowledgable than I on older doubles.

Be aware, some of the older , smaller German/Belgian manufacturers records were lost in the Second World War so if your gun is old enough there may be very little, if any , info available.

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Well I've had some success but not hit the jackpot.

From some research and a reply on another forum I've been able to find the following:

Made in Austria 1934 by Franz (possibly Fritz) SchniderSchitz
16.1mm bore (tight 16 gauge)
Proofed in Ferlach

Proof marks suggest that it carries the second set of provisional proof marks for Ferlach relating to joined barrel SxS's. This dates it between 1929-1940. The other marks suggest a precise date of 1934.

I'm waiting to see if anything else is revealed. If anyone has information on the maker Franz SchniderSchitz I'd be very grateful.

Is this gun likely to be valuable?



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I'd like to revive this thread by adding to the mess...

I've inherited a beautiful .22 (Hornet) rifle made by the same gunsmith Frz. Schniderschitz. It's a single shot octagonal barrel rifle that opens (breaks) like a normal shotgun, but by a lever curved over the trigger frame. There are two triggers, but the rear one is to be 'cocked' first so the front one can shoot with less pressure (excuse my poor English - there must be a term to describe this). The metal plates on the stock are beautifully engraved. The forearm (?) is long and lays under the whole length of the barrel to the very tip, where it ends with an ornament made by a deer horn. On one side of the barrel is the name of the gunsmith "Frz. Schniderschitz" and on the other side again - "Melk A/D". I presume this means Melk ad Donau (Melk on Danube) - an Austrian town on the Danube river between Vienna and Linz.
The markings on the lower side of the barrel are quite simeilar to the ones of Martin Sutton's gun:
A coat or arms with feathers around a shield
Elaborately drawn EF
NPF in a logo design
1812.35. - both on the barrel and the head (the searial No.??)
5.6 (the caliber in mm? .22)
2.55 g M.G.

After the death of my father in law this gun became of extremely high value for us and I don't plan to sell it ever. But I'd really appreciate it if I can find any info on it.

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