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Does anyone happen to know which make/model shotgun that Chuck Norris was seen holding at the beginning of Walker Texas Ranger episodes?
Also, anyone know which shotgun the real Texas Rangers currently use?
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Hello there I think I can help you with your question.If I rember correctly it`s been while since I have been able to watch any of the walker Texas Ranger episodes.But anyways if I rember right the shootgun he is holding there if you are talking about at very beginning of the show when the into music is played and he is stading in like middle of screen and this is at very beginning before the show really gets going .Anyways that shotgun is either a basic plain Jane every day ordinary 12 or 14 inch barreled Remington Model 870 or maybe a customized version of same like for example a Wilson/Scattergun Technologies model or maybe a Vagcomp or something along that line but it is definatle a 12 or 14 inch barrled Remington or variation of it.Next chance I get to see an episode of Walker Texas Ranger and I get to catch the very beginning ill make sure to pay close attetion so I can get back with this question and give a more definitive answer.But anyways I beleive this right here basically answers your question.......

Well i hope this helps you out and I hope you and all the other fellow shotgunworld members and visitors has a plesent Sunday and I'll try to catch yall again next time.......
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