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Questions about wood quality, fit and finish

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I'm interested in a comparison of overall quality of the Citori XS Comp for example and the Beretta 682 Gold E Skeet version. Both have adjustable combs and the Citori has a Graco recoil installed as delivered from factory.

Specifically concerned about the receiver/wood fit, quality of wood used and overall finish inpressions. I saw this Citori yesterday as a shop demo gun. Quite beat up and there was a crack in the wood at the pistol grip. I haven't been able to locate a 682. I saw the 686 I believe and the wood was poor and the wood /receiver fit was pretty poor. The Citori will fit well once the comb is adjusted but I am not really interested in the ported barrels and there is no possibility according to Browning to get one without the ported barrels.

I have a good eye and these cosmetic issues are important to me considering both will just over 3k. Please feel free to get picky about likes / dislikes with these 2. Thank you in advance.
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If I decide to go with the Citori XS Pro comp, I would but a new one for $3050 as opposed to the demo for $2600. But what about the quality of both the Beretta and Citoris?
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