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tommygirlMT said:
Not trying to be argumentative or a troll but if you want long range capability in a muzzle loader where you are using only BP and substitutes and not smokeless the way to go is to match BPCR (Black Powder Cartridge Rifle) loads and therefore their ballistics. I'm talking about "Buffalo Guns" lots of knock down and long range capabilities. In other words for example if an individual were to have a 45-cal three pellet 150gr. magnum capable BP muzzle loader lying around. A normal loaded for which consists of a plastic sabot with a little plastic tipped pistol bullet in it with three fifty grain pydrox pellets underneath it. For long range knock-down power one would instead load it with a lighter charge of powder lets say 70 to 80 grains and a big heavy "minie ball" either full bore and lubed or slightly undersized and paper-patched --- lets say in the 350 to 500 grain range thus producing a BP muzzle loader load that esentially has the same ballistics as a 45-70 and with sufficient practice and proper sights to componsate for the rainbow shaped flight path that combination will give you true 200+ yard fire-power which isn't limited to perfect broad side only shots. The same can be done with the 50-cal and larger. More lead and less powder = long range knock down when it comes to using true black --- true black just don't work for light bullet high velocity flat shooting loads over long-ish range.

Point being you don't need a smokeless muzzle-loader to reach out to 200 and beyond you just need to use the right kind of load combination and you can do it with a regular smoke-pole.
Go tommygirlMT!!!

Whitworth .45 caliber muzzleloader of the 1860's could deliver a 500+ grain bullet with over 1100 fpe remaining at 200 yards and enough penetration to shoot through a bull bison at that range!

Big bullets work and the game does not have to broadside to take the shot!

For details:

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