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Hi all,

Well, I ordered my 391 and I pick it up next week after the waiting period (a 10 day torture-test here in California).

While I'm waiting, I've been reading through the owner's manual and I have a couple questions.

1) Do I need to clean anything besides the barrel before I shoot it for the first time? I know guns often come packed in grease for storage and you have to remove it before your first shoot. Doesn't mention that in the manual, though, so I'm hoping I can just clean the barrel and then take it out on the range.

2) What exactly is the "carrier stop push button" for? It mentions it numerous times in the manual, but only to say that it should be depressed before performing some procedure. Exactly what does it do, and what causes it to not be depressed in the first place?

3) I typically use Breakfree CLP for cleaning and Wilson Ultra for lube in my handgun. I use Tetra grease in my Mossberg pump. But should I just stick to Breakfree and Wilson in the Beretta? Anyone use grease in their 391?

4) I know my gun comes with five chokes, but I know there are seven MobilChokes: Skeet, Cylinder, IC, Modified, IM, Full, Xtra-Full. I bought the Base Field model (#1120). Anyone know which five I get with that?

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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