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Q I have this real old shotgun that my grandfather gave me about 5 years ago.. It reads "Ranger" on the left side of the reciever and it also has a cowboy riding a horse ingraved just above that.. Now the barrel markings read as follows: Browning Patent 12GA. Proof Tested.
[/b] A [/b] Trade name of the Sears, Roebuck and Company of Chicago on a wide
variety of firearms marketed by that firm.


Q I have an old shotgun, a double Barrel engraved with "W. Richards" on the side plates. It has a "London Fine Twist" Barrel, external hammers and a thumb lever to open it. I was always told it was a 10 Gauge "Goose Gun". I have some old brass casings for it from Winchester.
I would like to know the date of Manufacture and the approximate value
A Westley Richards produced shotguns in London in the late 19th century at 23 Conduit Street. Many of these shotguns were imported and distributed to sportsmen in this country. English guns were thought to be of better quality than others available at the time.
No pricing or certian date of manufacture is available

Q I am considering buying a Richland Arms O/U. But know very little about them or what they are worth and who actually made the gun. The one I am looking at is serial number 137204, with choke tubes, extractors,and 26inch barrels. Any idea what this gun is worth? It is 90% +. The thread on the tubes is a coarse thread, can I still get tubes or parts for this gun?
A Richland was an importer until 1986. Their line of shotguns was manufactured by various companies in Italy and Spain. They had five different models for the Over/Unders. At 100% they range in price from $265 to $435. You can download a description in PDF from the Bluebook link on our main page. There is a $10 charge from Blue Book for this. I'm not sure if you could get chokes for them or not. I was assume that the threads would be very similar to another brand. You might want to contact the guys at for their opinion
Q and purchasing a over under 10 ga richland 3 1/2 in shotgun and can't
find anything out on this gun, can you help.
A Yep, a 10 ga. ought to know those ducks right out of there shoes. If it's a fairly new gun then I would think that steel shot would be fine. Just to be safe I would contact Richland. Do you know what model it is?
I'm guessing that it is the Model 810. If so...
100% = $600
90% = $460

Q I have a Richland Arms model 200 s/s 20ga. The name Gaspar Arizaga is stmmped into the barrel. Is this the manufacturer? Are they still in bussiness? What is the gun worth? I paid $340 in 1986.
A From the Blue Book:
"Richland Arms
Previous importer (until 1986) located in Blissfield, MI. The models listed below were made by various manufacturers located in either Italy or Spain.
- 12, 16, 20, 28 ga., or .410 bore, 22, 26, and 28 in. barrels, various chokes, Anson & Deeley boxlock, extractors, double triggers, checkered stock, 6 lbs. 2 oz. - 7 lbs. 4 oz. Mfg. 1963-1985 in Spain.
100% 98% 95% 90%
$320 $285 $255 $225 "
Looks like Richland was just the importer. I'm not sure if the manufacturer is still in business or not.
Q I have a Richland Arms side by side 10 gauge, model 711, 32" barrel. It has
G. Zabala stamped on it. Can you tell me what it may be worth?
A with respect to G. Zabala, it is the predecessor of lanber.
From the lanber site:
"Incorporated in 1962 in Zaldibar (Bizkaia) under the name of G. Zabala y Cía, S.A.
Founders were F. Aldabaldetrecu, J.A. Arrúe, J.L. Sotés, I. Zabala and G. Zabala.
Started with the manufacture of side by side shotguns, using the trade name Ibargun.
In 1968 it started to produce over and unders.
In 1973 the company changed its name to LANBER ARMAS, S.A., to obtain access to international markets, initially to the American market."
So Your gun was made between 1962 and 1973.

Riverside Arms
Q: the second is a old 410
the name is riverside arms co
on top it says 44-shot chicope falls Mass.
Id like to know as much as possible

A: "Brand name used by J. Steven's Arms Co. on many good quality double barrel
shotguns. Value depends on the model, gauge, and condition. Ned list the
prices at $1,600 in top condition down to $100 in poor condition."

"Riverside Arms was a brand name for J.Stevens Arms Co. of Chicopee Falls,
Mass. and mfd around 1914 to 1915. They mfd two models.....Model 215 Hammer
Boxlock and Model 315 Hammerless Boxlock. Values range from $200 in poor
condition to $650 in excellent condition according to the Standard Catalog
of Firearms, 2001 edition."

"Riverside Arms is another of the many trade names (Carder lists 3 used by
JP Stevens Co. So this is not a very valuable piece. Stevens produced guns
for all sorts of people under many different names. A few have collector's
value, but most are not very valuable. "

Rogers Machine Gun
Q I got a 12gauge double barrel ,oneside is marke neumann bros, te other side is marke The interchangeable,the serial number is10669, on the middle of the barrel is marked best rolled steel, on one barrel is marked Choke Bore, under he barrel is got lots of numbers ,is got elg marked. Could you give me more information on it,years is been made, what is worth,

[/b] A [/b] Neumann Freres was located in Liege Belgium circa 1863 - 1924. Your Belgium shotgun was imported for sale in America

Q I am loing for a replacement barrel for a 12 gauge Rossi Double barrel shotgun. I do not know the model number, but it has exposed functioning hammers. It is blue steel with smooth wood stocks.
Can you help me find a replacement barrel for this shotgun? I could not find the model number on this shotgun. any ideas?
A My guess would be that it's the Rossi Overland Hammer Double
Here's the specs on it, Sidelock, plain extractors. Double triggers , 20 inch ic/m in the 12 ga. variety. pistol grip stock and beavertail forearm, uncheckered. NOTE because of it's resemblance to the short barreled doubles caried by guards riding shotgun on 19th century stagecoaches the 12 ga version was originally called the "coach Gun" ..made 1968- 89 value approx $225
this appears to be the official repair station for Rossi firearms in the US. M&M Gunsmithing at 204 South Union Street, Alexandria, VA, 22314. Phone: (703) 739-2150, FAX 739-9890.

Q I have a Red Label and the vent rib on the top of the barrell is a little loose on the 3 middle posts that mount it to the barrell, just enough that if you tap it with your finger it will rattle. I called the factory and they told me it was supposed to be that way for heat expansion. I just wanted to make sure that this was true.
A Yup---that's the way they are suppossed to be----floating rib------some rattle-----some don't
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