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I have/or owned both. Started with the 9000G and currently have the Grand. Both are good machines! The 9000 will cost less and will be easier to move around if you want to. You will get a workout with your arms using it. My biggest complaint with the 9000; spilled powder and shot! The main reason I got the Grand was the fact that if a hull is not present at either the powder or shot station, they won't drop. The Grand is a lot heavier and not portable, use a good bench to mount it. But it is built like a tank! It should last several life times. RCBS has been great with support if you need it. I don't think you will make a wrong decision either way. By the way, the main reason for crimp problems with the Grand is that both RCBS and Federal are owned by Blount Industries, so the Grand comes set up for Federal hulls. It is stated so in the manual but only takes about 2 min to adjust for AA's. If you call RCBS they will tell you how or I'm sure you can find a post some where on how to do it. I do wish RCBS would put how to do the adjustment in the manual as most people I shoot with reload AA's or STS's. Also once it is adjusted for AA's, it will load STS's as well without further adjustment. (At least mind does)
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