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Seriously just select the Remington, Benelli, Browning Gold or Beretta that feels comfortable. Start shooting lots...

You mentioned trap and sporting clays as primary interests. I'd get one that was setup for sporting clays and shoot it for both games. If you become serious about trap then buy a serious trap gun. If you have a SuperSport or a Beretta 391 or Browning you won't "need" to buy a better gun for sporting though you will probably want others.

I own a 391 Teknys Gold Sporting with a shell catcher it's fine for casual trap, has a bezillion options that you may want to experiment with, and excellent support from knowledgeable denizens of these forums.

Have fun, shoot lots, take a lesson or two, don't worry about the buying the perfect gun. If you are new to the game you won't recognize your ideal gun is for months or years. You will be hitting the targets not the best gun, most potent shell, or most wonderful choke.

Pontificating mode off > sometimes I wish I followed my own advise more frequently.
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