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Really Really Very Very Old Antique One Barrel Gun

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Dear Marland- My uncle left a gun in the out house a long time ago. I think it's real valuable 'cause it must be real old and it's brown all over and my Aunt said I can have it. Who made it, when did they make it, what ***** is it, what are the internal barrel measurements, who held the patents that made it a White Powder Wonder and if I sell it can I send my kid to Harvard? Boy, you guys are great!

Bwana Kidogo
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to answer your questions there Oingo Boingo.

they did

way back then

the one that fits

usually in thousands of an inch

the guy at the patent office held the patents until he filed them

Isn't that a Yankee School?
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It wasn't me ,honest, it was 'Lonzo , HE'S the bad influence. And DKS ain't much help either.

Besides we weren't pokin' fun at newbies, it was at the folks who think we here have crystal balls ("that's a joke son" - Foghorn Leghon).
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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