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I bought a 47E Merkel in 12 gauge, stored for what appears to be many years in the luggage case provided from the factory. The down side (in the case) of the receiver has a dime size through and through rust spot (lateral to the firing pin) and the bottom next to the trigger guard has what appears to be wear on the bluing from the tight fit in the case. The walnut buttstock is perfect, with no handling or wear and the fore end and the barrels are perfect.

Would the rust/ bluing be best handled at GSI or the Merkel folks? Is color matching when the job is done a problem? Would McCormack's out here in Oregon/ Washington be able to do the job?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Jeff Wolfe

model 47e receivers are case colored not blued. Refinishing case colors can be touchy and needs a person that knows what he is doing. The barrels are cold rust blued and usually cost 250 or so to have redone. If the trigger guard is rusted or has the blue worn through any decent gunsmith should be able to reblue that, just make sure the do not mess up the little engraving the 47 trigger guard has....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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