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This is my first attempt at refinishing a shotgun, for that fact any firearm. I am looking for advice on reblueing the barrel, and the reciever. I have the stock, and the for-stock sanded down and 6 coats of tunge oil on at this time. Thanks.

Cold bluing will not come close to a factory finish. Virtually all cold blues rest "on" the metal; hot and rust bluing actually change the surface of the metal on a molecular basis.

If it matters, cold blue will not look even (streaks and blotches) and removing the old blue and polishing the metal is a real hassle. Removal of the old bluing in necessary in an attempt to get the surface of the metal to look even close to the same color (which it will not.)

If the appearance of the gun is anywhere near important to you or if you want the finish to last and protect the metal, have it blued professionally. It will look better and raise the value of the gun. Different metal formulations take cold blue differently. Some are better than others.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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