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FWIW, I shoot a Kolar Max Lite Sporting with the "ramped rib". I took a lesson from a well known "pro" and he mentioned that Kolar had introduced the flat rib model. I happened to be scheduled for gun fit with Jim Greenwood wood at the completion of the lesson. The "pro" mentioned to Jim that I am might be interested in switching to the flat rib (btw I never expressed interest in the change). Jim's comment was the "ramped rib" shot pretty flat, and was of the option the flat rib might shoot too "flat".

I would highly recommend having someone who knows what they are doing watch you shoot and work with you on adjustments your are making. As mentioned above as one adjustment is made another parameter may also need to be adjusted. The whole whole gun fitting is an amazing and complex process. I find it fascinating to work with someone who is truly an expert in this area.

Good luck on your journey!
You were fortunate to have worked with Mr. Greenwood. The thirty minutes (or so) that he and I shot targets as I neared the completion of my bespoke stock fitting was more helpful to me than any 10 hours I have spent with a “pro”.
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