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What does it cost to have the RAD system installed on a Krieghoff? How much travel does it allow?

I've been using the same JS Air Cushion Stock for over 15 years with ZERO problems. Wouldn't be without it, but at it's current price of $1200, it ain't cheap.

Last summer I stumbled on a too-good-to-pass-up deal on a Winchester 101 Pigeon w/tubes & case.

I didn't want to spend $1200 on a recoil system for a $900 :oops: gun. At the time, Scott Hyde of Deer Park Washington had just posted an ad for his HPI recoil absorbing stock on SGW. At $295 with it's adjustable comb AND 3/4" of travel, it looked like it was worth a shot. I had Scott put one on the 101 (took 9 days door to door, and very easy to deal with), and I couldn't have been happier with his work and product. Very high quality hardware.

My son is shooting that gun now and loves it. I would not hesitate to put one on any high-end gun, especially if you need or want an adjustable comb. ... P&i=183445 ... P&i=192928 ... c&start=15
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