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Red Setters

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Hi all,

Now, I don't profess to know a great deal about dogs, but I do think that Red Setters look great!

I have heard various comments about them being a little, lets say, stupid!! Does anyone here know (or own) a Red, and if so, how do they perform in the field given proper and ongoing training?

Thanks all,

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Are we talking Red and White Setters or Irish Setters. Sorry, but I have different stories for different dogs.
I know a guy that raises HUNTING Irish setters. Like many of the versatile dogs, Vizsla, Lewellen, Cockers, Weimeraners there is a very distinct line between hunters and show dogs.

I think the giant, tail chasing, heavily feathered show dog is what most people think of when they think Irish Setters. From what I've seen in the field and on TV the hunting lines that come from your side of the pond are quite capable hunters with a lot of similarities to the hunting (lewellen) english setters. They are both decendants of the Spanish Pointers which were thought of as fine hunters.
Irish. I guess that is their proper name but over here they're simply referred to as Red Setters!



Thanks for that. I'm certainly not interested in your 'Crufts' (english dog show!) show dogs. I think as a mix of looks, ability and the fact that not many people over here hunt over them makes me want one!

Training up a dog from a day 1 pup is something I really want to try.


English, Gordon, and Irish (red) Setters all have fine lines that can be found that hunt like a madman. The crux of the issue is making sure they are not the show dogs who can't find their own hind end. That said I got to hunt over what I will call an old line Irish Setter. Now that dog could hunt, he had a great nose and a fine disposition. Found birds and retrieved them to hand, all in all a very fine hunter.

I also have a fondness for Llewellins, but they tend to be an American passion. I find it funny that some Llewellin owners refer to them as 'the blueblood' of Setters. Jeff simply says I have a tweedy dog and I think that fits the best...
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