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redoing my reciver

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I have a WINCHESTER M120RANGER(SAME AS A 1300)12ga. magnum.I have refinished the stocks and now want to redo the alluminum alloy reciver.What should I do?I have thought about painting it,but did not know how long this would last befor needing redone.I have tried BIRCHWOOD CASEY brand BRASS BLACK metal finish and did not like the results,it was more grey than black.I use this gun allot and would like to make my baby look like new agian, so if anyone has any advise,I am all ears(or more apporpriatly, all eye's;) )thanks,Tim
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You have two choices. Either re-anodize the receiver (not really a job for the do-it-yourselfer) or use one of the baked-on coatings. Brownell's sells a baking lacquer that does an adequate job if the directions are followed.
The receiver should be bead blasted, and the teflon or baking lacquer applied, you get OK results! you may elect to send it in to BIRDSONG for blackT, you will have a much nicer end result.RON KONTOWSKY8o
ron,you seem to be a very wise man as far as guns go,what do you think about black-oxide treatment?The factory I work in makes parts that get this done as a finish,we just recived some we sent out awhile back,and they did not look bad,but did not know if this would work on my potmetal reciver.another thing I was wondering about is,can you buy buy some sort of decal to replace the one on the side?Mine has a picture of a guy and his dog,the guy is beading up on a pheasent and the dog is pointing.allways thought that was a cool picture on the side and was one of the reasons for purchasing the gun,as I am a bird hunting addict:hat thanks Tim
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