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Have a Magpul SGA stock which I've set for 12.25" LOP. Test fitting has me preparing to drop the heel by 1/2" to 5/8" for proper bead sighting. With this the comb height also seems to be just about spot on. Since I have yet to fire this fit I'm simply curious if mitigating muzzle rise (or drop) via recoil pad pitch can be accomplished effectively (given this short an LOP combined with a relatively large heel drop)? My thinking is that bore axis inspired muzzle reaction at some point might not be tamable by pitch adjustment.

When contemplating a tactical (SHTF, not HD) shotgun my usual expectation was that keeping muzzle-neutral recoil was not a big concern but utility has me thinking different. This is also a great security tool for camping and, pray it not be required but, having a second quick and accurate follow-up shot on a charging fang-toothed carnivore would be imperative.

Btw, does anyone know of stock drop wedges for the Mossberg 500 capable of 1/2"+ adjustment? If I end up going with the Mossberg made 1/4" wedges can they be stacked?

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