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Reloading Bismuth

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Burnt Powder man if you are there I have a question or anyone that can answer it. I just broke down and bought a 7lb bottle of bismuth and wads. Alot of the loads call for a buffer. Until now I have never used a buffer I just keep away from loads that call for it. Now I didnt order any because I thought I wouldnt need it. Do I really have to have a buffer? I ask a buddy of mine he said yes, but said buffer can me substituted for malt-o-meal. Anyone have any comments?
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Don't use grain or sugar for a 'buffer,' its a bad idea and doesn't work well besides.

But a question; Do you want to load up some really high-quality, high-performance loads? Or just loads that go "bang!?"

Get some data from Ballistic Products, Inc. and follow it closely. If a recipe calls for buffer, the use of buffer will be a huge advantage. I remember when Winchester first made their Super-X, Double XX Magnums in the lates seventies. Winchester thought it was vital to buffer their all-lead loads before they started loading the Double XX's with copper-plated shot in addition to buffer!

Get familiar with BPI. They know what they're doing, besides catering to the waterfowl reloader.
thanks for the info ill do that
I have heard of corn meal being used as a buffer with success. I sure wouldnt want to get my shells wet when sitting out in a duck blind though!! :shock: :shock:

Proper buffer is not effected by moisture.

You could proabably make your own, but it would be a lot of work. Just take a belt grinder with a medium coarse belt to a piece of plastic material, like some cutting boards are made out of. Dump out the vacumn bag, Voila! :twisted: (just kidding)
Do not use buffer substitutes - they can contaminate your load or cause buildup.

There are several non-buffered and buffered Bismuth loads available. If a load calls for a buffer use the correct buffer - you can get it from Cabella's or Ballistic Products. It appears most 2 3/4 and 3 in loads can be used for non buffered loads and 3 1/2 have to use a buffer. The buffer adds between 5 and 8 % to pattern effectivness. Remember Bismuth is less effective than lead, tungston-iron (steel) or hevi shot. 8)
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