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when i was a kid a neighbor used to reload buck n ball for us to hunt hogs. it was devastating - kicked like a mule though. anyone know where i can get load data for it? how about fletchettes?

Lex Talio
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(4/10/03 11:19:25 am)
Reply Re: reloading buck n ball
Buck & Ball..The first recorded use of B&B in a battle was at the battle at Bunker (Breeds) hills by our troops. My great-grandfather's older brother rode with Gen. Bedford Forrest and wrote home that their shortened SXS shotguns loaded with B&B was very effective for horse soldiers.
We have worked with single balls, B&B, and Multi-Ball (3-.570" balls) in 12 gauge. All are interesting and do have applications. I will have a forth-coming article on on these loads.
Now....let me state something you will not see the rag writers go into. In shotshell loading (without buffer) weight is weight....whether one shot size or in combonation. A good load is one .690" roundball and 3 or 4 buckshot. Weight your combined load....look up a listed load for the weight using a one piece wad and put it together. Don't make you ball be larger than .690".....don't use the load in any choke tighter than .700" and put the Ball on top of the Buck in the shell. It also helps by having a thin 20 ga. Styro wad between the Ball and Buck. Best Regards, James Gates

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(4/10/03 12:07:16 pm)
Reply buck n ball
thanks for the info. one of my grandfather's uncles(great uncle maybe) road with Quantrel. i've heard of it, but the only person that i ever knew loaded and shot his own loads was that nieghbor of my grandfather's. he said it was great for clearing the trenches too (WWI vet). thanks again for your help.
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