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Back in the late 60's, Dad and I would pick up whatever hulls we found on dove hunts--all paper hulls--and then sort them and come up with some combination of fiber wads to fill up the shell; we were shooting Red Dot or Green Dot. I suppose what saved us is that all the loads were 'way below pressure limits, so what happened with a bad combination was that our A-5's would not cycle, or worst case would be a "poof" and you could see the shot feebly fly a few feet. Because there were no plastic wads yet, I'm guessing there was not much chance of a wad sticking in the choke; or maybe---since we both had Polychokes with a vented sleeve on the end--we could see such a wad and extract it. The best method in the field being to drop a pocket knife down the barrel, repeat till the wad popped out. It was fun, anyway.
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