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Reloading - Remington Hull Identification Question

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I'm trying to reload the Remington Gun Club hulls and I have data for Premier STS and Unibody SP from the Lyman 4th ed Shotshell Reloading Handbook. Anyone know which hull style the gun club falls under for reloading recipes?Anyone else have this same problem? Seems like all the other brands of shotshells are easy to identify, but remington hulls are a pain in the butt.Thanks,CMoore
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IF the gunclub is the same green color but with lines it should have a yellow base wad and is considered the same hull. There is a fine line between hobby and insanity.
I recieved an answer from Remington on this, in case anyone was curious. Remington said that the Gun Club hulls use the same reloading data as the Premier STS, not the Unibody SP.I also sectioned a few hulls to verify. The Gun Club and Premier hulls appear to have the same hull geometry.CMoore
cmore74,Thanks for the info. I have 1500 Gun Club hulls and have been sitting on them because I didn't Know the exact hull type.
The STS, Nitro, Gun Club, Green Premier (green magic), Blue magic, Black "game load", RXP, and several othere are all geometrically identical. I use STS data on all and they work great.
I sent an email to Hodgdon requesting data on Gun Club hulls and they sent back recipes that showed Gun Clubs being the same as Premiers/ sts/ etc.
I also emailed Alliant and they said just use the Premier recipes.
I guess I forgot to logon when I posted the above info.
Hodgdon sent a very extensive recipe list that I haven't seen anywhere else.
Those black or green ribed Remington hulls are very good. Some people think they have a seperate base wad which is great because they leave the hulls for me. They probably won't last as long as the STS, Premier, or Nitro 27 but most people leave them so the price os right. They have a brass plated steel base so they may rust if left out in the weather.
Swamp Yankee,

I've used those Black "cheapies" from Remington and I think that they last longer than STS and Nitros. They're really good hulls.
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