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I'm trying to reload the Remington Gun Club hulls and I have data for Premier STS and Unibody SP from the Lyman 4th ed Shotshell Reloading Handbook. Anyone know which hull style the gun club falls under for reloading recipes?

Anyone else have this same problem? Seems like all the other brands of shotshells are easy to identify, but remington hulls are a pain in the butt.


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(1/30/03 11:31:30 pm)
Re: Reloading - Remington Hull Identification Question
IF the gunclub is the same green color but with lines it should have a yellow base wad and is considered the same hull.
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(2/1/03 10:05:32 pm)
Reply got an answer from Remington...
I recieved an answer from Remington on this, in case anyone was curious.

Remington said that the Gun Club hulls use the same reloading data as the Premier STS, not the Unibody SP.

I also sectioned a few hulls to verify. The Gun Club and Premier hulls appear to have the same hull geometry.


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(2/2/03 12:43:39 am)
Reply Re: got an answer from Remington...

Thanks for the info. I have 1500 Gun Club hulls and have been sitting on them because I didn't Know the exact hull type.

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hodgdon indicates that sts data may be used in all current remington hulls. personally i download, and almost never load up to recipe standards, i usually load down a half to a full grain under recipe standards. i use a fast powder such as alliant E3, and have shot so long i flinch with stiff loads, so i load wienie loads. when you fight the 12 gauge for 45 years, the 12 always wins. my loads are usually under 8000 psi, so my loads are not critical. the gun club hulls are a good value.

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Thanks a ton for clearing up that birds nest.

We hashed that out in the "Remington Black Hulls" topic.

I originally told slingup to use STS data,
then sidelock mentioned the Unibody SP , which got me to believing that was what was being refered to, by some ring
around a primer or something.
and the confusion ensued.

Thanks a bunch for clearing that up.
I always thought of the SP hull as the ribbed type high base hunting/field hull.
That must be what is referred to as the
Rem.-Peters Unibody SP Plastic Shells on alliants site.
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