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I am new to reloading.I will be purchaseing a reloader here in the very near future.I plan on making my own practic rounds,as well as some upland game loads.what I wanted to know,is can you load/reload your own slugs?I shot both sabots&foster,or rifled slugs at deer.I also wanted to know if it was safe to load/reload shot into fired,emty 3"slug hulls?I wanted to try this because on of our quail,pheasent spots,it is not uncomon to flush birds at excesse of 30yrd.s'.

Lex Talio
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(4/24/03 10:38:30 am)
Reply Re: reloading slugs
Tim....There are a lot of good shotshell reloaders out there. I prefer the Ponsness-Warren 375 for a couple of reasons. First, all of the reloading is done inside a die that supports the entire hull. Second, since I build loads with both a folded and rolled crimp....I can remove the die with the shell in it and roll crimp it while it is in the die. I have also found the bushings to be very close to what they are supposed to throw and they can be exchanged without changing anything else. You can get the die for both 2 3/4" and 3" shells. There are also replacement heads for the reloader that tooling for other gauges can be put on.
In most cases the hulls used for bird shot can also be used for slugs. One slug that has gained a following down here is the 1 ounce Lee key Slug. Lee sells molds. It can be loaded in most wads that are used for shot. There are also some excellent ball (.690") loads that can also be loaded in the wad.
We use the Fiocchi 3" hull from Ballistic Products more than any for turkey, waterfowl, bickshot, and slug loads in smoothbores. I am developing a full size slug (.729") called the Terminator to use in rifled barrels. The mold has been ordered and I will post the results later.
We are trying to broaden the Reloading Section to cover all types of specialized loads for shotguns...........
Keep in touch and Best Regards, James Gates
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