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Is it possible to reload shells with blackpowder and fire them through a regular 12 ga pump using a regular primer? Yes, I realize how dirty this would be. If it's possible I just want to try it for fun. Has anyone ever done it?


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(3/18/03 2:47:27 am)
Reply Re: Reloading with Blackpowder instad of Smokeless
I would think that the answer would be NO!!! Seems like a very dangerous way to have fun.

chad e
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(3/19/03 6:35:06 pm)
Reply black powder loads
People do reload shotshells with black powder for "cowboy action shooting"
I found this text on the net, it was about brass shotshells, but is relevant to plastic ones as well--

Now, on to loading! Basically, at this point you can use almost any load that is suitable for plastic or paper hulls, but you don't have to worry about exact combinations because you don't need an exact column height in order to get a good crimp like you do with plastic hulls. I started out using the exact same load I used in AA or STS hulls, with the addition of a glued-in overshot card. That is, about 65-70 grains of Goex FFg (Lee 4.3cc dipper), then a red Winchester plastic wad, then 1 oz. of 7 ½ shot, then the overshot card. I cut my first overshot carts out of styrofoam meat trays using an empty brass hull for a cutter, but now I use Circle Fly cards. I have also started using a 1/8" overpowder card between the powder and the plastic wad. It may help cut down on the plastic fouling a bit, but it really isn't necessary. You can use a little more powder and/or shot if you want more knockdown power, or use a little less for lowered recoil. Smaller shot size may help if you are trying to hit clay birds.

I use the Lee press for compressing the load and dropping the shot, but not for dropping the powder. BP should not be used in plastic powder hoppers due to static, so most of us use Lee dippers or any other dipper that will hold the correct amount of powder. If you don't have a loading press, you can use a wooden dowel to compress the wad over the powder (the amount of compression is not critical, just "lean into it" - people with MEC presses say they use 30 lbs. or so of compression). Then you can use the same dipper to load your shot. Conventional BP shotshell wisdom recommends using the same volume of shot and powder. If you don't have the Lee dippers, 65 grains of FFg BP by volume is just about the same as 65 grains of weight on your scale, so if you create a dipper that throws 65 grains by weight, you will be close enough.
So, with that in mind, I would try it.
imagine the laughs (or complaints) you'd get shooting a round of trap with black powder shotshells :)

Id mention that you must clean your gun's bore with soap and water, and thouroughly oil it the same day after firing black powder. It leaves a corrosive residue that will ruin your barrel if not removed promptly

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(3/26/03 4:18:44 pm)
Reply Re: black powder loads
I don't know about that. I wouldn't do it. Smokless powder is designed to create a lot of pressure in a short period of time. If you replaced smokeless powder with black powder, I don't think enough pressure will build behind the wad quickly enough to launch it out of the hull.
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chad e
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(3/26/03 7:23:09 pm)
Reply black powder loads
I tried it. It works just fine. Made alot of smoke and a different sound when fired.(more of a boom instead of a bang) Seemed to pattern ok too. Fired it in an old SxS.
I used the same Volume of blackpowder as I would use of Clays, with the same waa12 wad, win209 primer, 1 1/8 oz. shot, in a AA shell.

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(3/27/03 11:00:59 am)
Re: black powder loads
From what I recall you should use double the amount blackpowder that you would have used if you are loading smokeless..

Lex Talio
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(3/27/03 12:13:39 pm)
Reply Re: black powder loads
Very interesting replies.......The evolution of shotshell loads for those used in muzzleloading guns to the present offerings.......followed a set rule. The early relationships between the amount of powder (in drams) vs the amount of shot (in ounces) is still with us today and set the loads indentification. The only difference now is they are listed as Drams Equiv. Early loads set the same amount of BP (by volume) as shot (by volume). This is still a good recipe today in loading BP shotshells.
I would suggest using large capacity hulls like the Fiocchi hull and using a rolled crimp. Black powder has a lower presure than smokeless. Best Regards, James

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(3/29/03 7:32:30 am)
Reply Re:Black Powder Reloading
Go to I ran across this guy while searching for ammo to use in a black powder skeet event I'm participating in later this spring.Even though I don't reload,I found it very interesting.He gives advice as to what types of black powder to use,amounts,etc.Even shows pressure curves in relation to amount of force at different spots down the length of the barrel.For instance,black powder exerts more force near the muzzle than does nitro.Good Luck.
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