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I have an 1100 12 in LH my wife bought me for a wedding gift. Did I marry the right woman or what? Question has to do with Barrels. It came with the IC 24" vent rib. Itlooks sweet and I've never missed with it. I've had it since 12/78, 24 years now and have used it on 24 successful deer hunts using 24 slugs. Have I damaged the bore? It looks fine to me and still knocks birds down regularly but guys are telling me I'm going to ruin it.
If I should switch barrels what should I get? The left hand barrels are hard to find used and that's my budget.
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Everything sounds fine from what you posted. An IC choked barrel is just fine for use with slugs unless there is something in the owners manual that says you can't. General Rule is nothing tighter than a mod choke. Keep using it, sure sounds like it is working for you and I would not mess with that.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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