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rem 1187vs beretta 390 from walmart??

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well i was so up on the remington,untill i read other post on the beretta.the cost is 75dollars cheaper for the beretta 390,with synthectic stock,and the 1187 is the wood wondering if this beretta 390 is a cheaper virsion made for down to buying one or the other,but im in no hurry,except you wonder how long the 390 will be tell me straight,keep to the guns,and tell me what you know and by spring i might know about these shotguns.jim
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my understanding is that the beretta A390 is no longer made. It has been replaced by the AL 391. All the new A390's are just left overs that have not sold yet.....Remember Walmart buys in HUGE bulk...It is not "made for" wal-mart just they have so many left they are trying to get rid of them.... Like Mars said they are both good guns. I like the feel and look of wood better and I personally would spend more money for the wood. If you like the Synthetic or don't really care then I would say go with the Beretta. The wood vs. Synthetic is just personal opinion. For shooting and reliability you can't go wrong with either. Edited by: john305 at: 1/2/03 9:04:53 pm
john is this model,from walmart the same model that most guys claim to be a great gun.would the action be the same.maybe ill have to lay one away before they run out.
Yes it is a great gun. BUT big BUT here if the action does not close in the store Stay away from it...That one is then a defect or was damaged in transport.
Neither Beretta nor Remington makes a special version for WalMart, atleast not that they are willing to admit to yet....Weatherby remade the Vanguard series intially for wally world A. Weatherby discontinued the Vanguard rifles in 1994 when they moved their manufacturing facilities from Japan to the United States. However, in 1996 the Vanguard was reintroduced as a Wal-Mart exclusive. Today, the Weatherby Vanguard rifles can be found at Wal-Mart stores across the country in two different models: The "Vanguard Sporter" (available in limited quantities) and the "Weatherguard" (widely distributed and available at most Wal-Mart stores). These models are available in .270 Win., .30-06 Spfd., 7mm Rem. Mag., and .300 Wby. Mag.The Rems and the Berettas are same same. The 390 has been upgraded to the 391...which has a big brother in the Extrema some added features. Otherwise, good Beretta shooter. I likes synthetic for hunting, water cant ruin the wood that aint there...but for target I like the feel and heft of wood.So, you buy what you like...either one is going to serve you well...and you can always buy the other one later :) There is a fine line between a hobby and insanity.Edited by: Rick618 at: 1/2/03 10:55:53 pm
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The 390 is made for walmart and is a cheapened up version. For one it has a butt plate instead of the butt pad. I believe it also comes with only 1 choke where the other beretta guns come with more. Ill have to look next time im there to see but i was told it doesnt have a mag cut off either. Walmart really doesnt buy in as big of quantities as you think they would in the individual store. Their Distribution center buys in big quantities but serve alot of stores. Steven
one thing to consider is the 390 is listed as discontinued in 1999, so, either there is a large quantity in a warehouse, they are building them with left-over recievers, or they are being built as a spec gun for Walmart ..... the only synthetic stocked versions listed are the Sivler Mallard Field and a NWTF model.... and those both book well over $300 above the Walmart price. Not really helpful but may be nice to know..
Report Pairs 20-Jan-02-8:16 PM Subject: Wal Mart Beretta 390 in handDear Roland,Wally World's Beretta 390 12 Ga. autoloader appears to be built to a price point in order to compete with guns like Remington's 1187. It has a business-like, flat black appearance. Compared to Beretta's normal 390/391 line it's somewhat Spartan but, although certain amenities have been deleted, the 390 lineage seems to have been well preserved. Waterfowlers will probably like it. Mine will get lashed onto an ATV rack for some local adventures here in the boonies of Maine.The Wal Mart 390's receiver is semi-humpbacked without any decorative engraving, in a dull matte finish. The bolt and shell carrier are also matte. The top of the receiver sports a serrated band that extends over and down the rear hump to the stock juncture. The customary magazine cut-off normally found on the left side of the receiver has been omitted on this version. Clearly engraved above the trigger is the "390" model designation, which should placate the suspicious. The magazine would accept two, 3" shells as it came from the factory for a total capacity of 2+1. Regarding the lack of amagazine cut-off control, it's probably worth noting that you can manually eject chambered shells without kicking another shell onto the carrier from the magazine. Just draw the bolt rearward and hold it there to eject the chambered shell and make the change. A shell won't pop out of the magazine until you hit the little bolt latch button that's located underneath, by the carrier.Thus, with a little two-handed practice, one can switch chambered shells without disturbing the contents of the magazine. The barrel is matte finished to match the receiver. It's 28"and sports an unserrated, narrow .240" vent rib with a small silver front bead. The muzzle is machined for Mobile Chokes and the gun comes with IC, Mod and Full tubes, plus a wrench. The chamber is 3" and does appear, along with the bore, to be chrome plated. The barrel went into the receiver hard on the first assembly of my gun. It's still a little stiff, but getting more manageable. The stock is a dull black synthetic affair similar to the molded plastic Remington factory offerings. The butt sports a plastic plate with leather-type texturing (I thought it was a recoil pad until I ran a finger across it). Dimensions are 14 1/4" LOP, 1 1/2" drop atcomb and 2 1/2" drop at heel. An adjustment shim is sandwiched between the stock head and receiver. No extra shims are included with the gun, but at least they're available if needed. A vacant hole is visible where one would normally expect to find a sling swivel stud. A machine-screw threaded stud I had on hand (Uncle Mikes?) went into the threaded socket. No front attachment point is provided but a sling mounting plate is available as an after-market factory part(the plate is installed between the magazine cap and forend). The butt and forend are checkered.As for handling, I liked it. The pistol grip area of the stock feltslimmer than the wood on my 391 and there wasn't any clubby feeling. Recoil seemed mild. Overall, I found it to be a shootable package. I managed to dangle the gun from my RCBS trigger pull scale and came up with a weight just a shade above 7 1/2 lbs. The trigger released at about 5 lbs with plenty of creep. The action of my gun seemed a little stiff and gritty right out of the box. At first, it wouldn't reliably feed Winchester factory AA 1 ounce Lights. Ejected hulls dribbled out by my feet. Factory AA Super Handicaps worked just fine but empties weren't thrown any great distance. Within 20 or so shots ejection had improved and, after a bit, the lighter loads began working too. Later, I did a quick field cleaning, brushed out a few metal chips, and applied some lubrication. The action now cycles noticeably smoother. In the event of continued balky feeding, I'll simply install an aftermarket gas spring calibrated for lighter loads. Changing the spring is both cheap and easy.I dropped by Cole Gunsmithing the other day and discussed the gun with Rich Cole. Rich figures that Beretta probably had a bunch of hump-backed receivers left over. He says the humped version was sort of a marketing flop in the US. The good news is that parts are interchangeable with the old standard 390. Rich has a bunch of 390 parts including stock shims, so personal adjustments for drop and cast are possible. He also stocks an assortment of gas springs.The Wal Mart 390 certainly seems like one heck of a deal at $529.95. I asked a sporting goods clerk about continued availability and was told that the gun is still in the supply chain. I wouldn't wait too long though if planning a purchase because sooner or later, those hump-backed receivers are gonna dry up!There is more, but for brevity, please check this There is a fine line between a hobby and insanity.Edited by: Rick618 at: 1/2/03 11:00:15 pm
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rickthanks for the imput on the beretta,it sounds like your saying its worth the price paid,so dollar for dollar,what would you say is the top gun of these 2, or is it a matter of prefrence.rem 1187,$599,beretta at walmart $529.,jim
The majority of that last post is by someone else, see the part near the top, I do concur with what he says and as I am partial to the Italian guns I would not hesitate in getting a Beretta.The one that I have been looking at is a modified 391 that Seminole has worked over...lots of tweaks and about double the jack.The issue of which brand is no different than the conflict over which is all personal preference with some experience, either good or bad helping to sway the choice. There is a fine line between a hobby and insanity.
Just wanted to pop in and say 'welcome' to collky2 and jimmythunting.regards,Jay
formly michigan mani see they dont have a barrel for the beretta 390 ,in a slug wondering how the standard barrel works for slugs.jim
Unless otherwise stated in the manual, you can use a rifled choke tube for saboted slugs and an Imp or mod tube for regular slugs. There are add on rifle sights that are available. There is a fine line between a hobby and insanity.
Yesterday, I went to three Wal Marts and finally found the gun. Like you all I went through every Forum and Post that Google and Yahoo could give me.I'll make a long story short, If you have the chance and the money get the Beretta over the Rem, Franchi, Charles D., you will never regret it!You see I had an inside trac, my dad works at Beretta.I'm a strong supporter of the product as over the years I've seen and heard many good things about their products.Plus I live 4 miles from the plan in Maryland.P.S. The Rem is a good gun also, but for the same price get the UL390. In my opinion you won't ever need 3-1'2 shells, with the new shells out in 2-3/4 and 3.0]
justin with your inside track,is this gun going to be offered to walmart for awhile.idid receive a email from beretta saying there still available to walmart,that i could still get one.i see they dont make a slug barrel,i wonder how there stock barrels shoot the slugs.jim,
i did receive a email today from beretta usa,they said this gun is still made for walmart,everone mentioned the 391,which is the new one,but the 390 is still available,michigan man:lol
well i did buy the 390 from walmart and will find out about this gun soon.after pricing many used guns,there price was to high in our area,and no i need to learn about a semi auto loader,and how to take care of it,thanks for all the different imputs,on various guns.also i wanted to stay with one of the better brand guns in case of selling latter,jim mich man,or jimmythunting
Good for you mich man, I hope you let us know what you think of the gun....sounds like good deal I may just have to get one.....:D
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