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rem 1187vs beretta 390 from walmart??

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well i was so up on the remington,untill i read other post on the beretta.the cost is 75dollars cheaper for the beretta 390,with synthectic stock,and the 1187 is the wood wondering if this beretta 390 is a cheaper virsion made for down to buying one or the other,but im in no hurry,except you wonder how long the 390 will be tell me straight,keep to the guns,and tell me what you know and by spring i might know about these shotguns.jim
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nickspnick said:
Both the Remington 1187 sportsman and the Beretta 390 are made the same way not the very best components but still high quality. Better than Charles D, Mossberg, Stoger.
Is this statement coming from your first hand experience of the quality of a Remington 11-87 a Beretta 390, a Charles Daly, a Mossberg, and a Stoeger, or did it come from a Beretta rep to your friends friend, to your friend, to you???

If you think the Beretta is a good gun, so be it, but I tire of people cracking on guns they don't own, or have never even shot!
nickspnick said:
However I would not own a CD if you tried to give me one I do have some pride about myself.
Ahhhhh, I see how you are. :roll:

I'm not a gun collector, nor do I have the means to be. However, I do have quite a bit of pride, so you will hopefully understand when I tell you that I really like my Charles Daly!

Is it an 'expensive gun'...not really, $385.xx total for my brand new Left Handed semi-auto 12 ***** when I bought it 16 months it a 'collector gun'...evidently not since a great collector like yourself doesn't want one.

But please don't tell my Field Hunter it's a POS...because it sure doesn't know that!

BTW, I didn't buy it from WAL*MART either..........
nickspnick: I always thought that a gun collector would know when the guns in their collections were made. Evidently you are not that great of a collector..... look what you've done

But it's OK, they have programs for people like you
As they say.............
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1 - 3 of 43 Posts
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