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rem 1187vs beretta 390 from walmart??

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well i was so up on the remington,untill i read other post on the beretta.the cost is 75dollars cheaper for the beretta 390,with synthectic stock,and the 1187 is the wood wondering if this beretta 390 is a cheaper virsion made for down to buying one or the other,but im in no hurry,except you wonder how long the 390 will be tell me straight,keep to the guns,and tell me what you know and by spring i might know about these shotguns.jim
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I was in wally world making my usuall rounds by the sporting goods department and I noticed the Remington 1187 and the Beretta 390. I ask my friend who works there if the beretta 390 was a special product made just for wal mart. He did not know. However he did call to the wal mart gun depot and ask his friend there if the beretta was a special gun made just for wal mart, he told him no that wal mart just orders mass amounts of the beretta 390. My friends friend called to beretta in maryland and ask them about the beretta 390 at wal mart. He was told that the 390 was a quality shotgun and it was at wal mart to keep up with the Remington 1187 sportsman. Both shotguns are quality made , but remember both the 1187 Sportsman and the Beretta are made for the working man and woman that likes to own a quality without the price of the high end shotguns. Both the Remington 1187 sportsman and the Beretta 390 are made the same way not the very best components but still high quality. Better than Charles D, Mossberg, Stoger.
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Bill, perhaps I could have been clearer. I own an extensive gun collection including Beretta Shotguns, Browning Shotguns, Parker Shotguns, Winchester(X3), Ithaca Shotguns, Remington Shotguns(1100, 1187, 870 wingmaster), Mossberg(9200 Viking, 935,930, 835, 500, 550). However I would not own a CD if you tried to give me one I do have some pride about myself. I should have explained myself better, I have been a avid gun collector for 26 years and I really did not need to ask any one about any of the guns that wrote about I have more than enough experience. As I stated before, The remington 1187 Sportsman and the beretta 390 are very close it comes down to a matter of opinion.
Bill, my grand father hunted upland birds with a Charles Daly semi-auto for the last five years of his life. I am not so sure that the shotgun did not send him to his grave early with all of the malfunctions that he encountered. He used a Charles Daly O/U in his younger years and never had a complaint. However, these new Charles Daly auto's are not made of the best quality.
I tell you what, I want to my good deed for the year!!! If you will take your Charles Daly and throw it on the ground pour GAS on it and burn it beyond repair melt the stock and bend the barrel and video tape the whole affair and upload it to my computer. I will give you a brand new Winchester Model 1400 Semi-Automatic Shotgun 16ga. 26" Barrel 2 3/4" Shells High gloss stock custom engraving that I bought at an estate auction in Ohio last week. The shotgun was owned by a Doctor who collected guns but never shot them, he died in 1974 I am not exactly sure what year the shotgun was made but I will take the loss on it. Burn the Charles Daly and eat CROW or HUMBLE pie. :D
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