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First problem was a skeet choke that split.Just a hairline crack that was difficult to see with the naked eye.Thus I start checking.Dig out dial mike and calipers.First check choke wall thickness on several Briley chokes for 12ga and 20ga.All of them were great,less than .0005" variation.And they shoot nice round patterns.Some patterns from Rem-chokes are somewhat egg shaped.Checked 12ga and 20ga Rem-chokes and every single one went in the scrap box.Which now has 7 Rem-chokes in it.All the way from skeet to turkey extra full.Many have never been shot.Their wall thickness variation was a max of .007" and the best was .004".All from various sources.All never shot with anything but Win AA 1 1/8 oz loads for testing. My Browning Invector chokes are OK like the Brileys,though the POI is a little off.I ain't real happy with Remington quality control.They may be from a vendor.
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