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rem mod 11

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I know this is the Browning forum.
But does anyone know where I can find a barrel for a Rem Model 11 16ga?
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HI and good morning Markd.
Carlson's dont list a sixteen tube setup.
I know they are ugly as home made sin, (cutts) but they work very well. Try it first before you whack it off, (with cutts, friction set up for light loads, due to compensater). Think back, didn't your uglest girlfriend love you the best? With patience you can get other tubes, (E-BAY) Corson's Barrels has them in full choke for sixteen.
I'm an old hunter and like adjustable chokes, you have unlimited adjustment, you are stuck with tubes and fixed chokes with however it patterns.
Hi, again Markd, thanks texnekkid for post,(retro, I think he means old like me, heh, heh).

A word of caution, in some combinations of barrels and receivers the barrel extension will bind on left shell stop. Put it together with bolt back and with springs and friction pieces off, by sliding barrel in and out you can tell if it binds and observe operation of shell stop. Rarely do you need to adjust clearance, then only a few thousanths between ramps,(fitting barrel to receiver rather than changing shell stop lets you use other barrels as before). You can feel when stop ramps up on extension and tell if it is binding or not, twist barrel back and forth with finger on shell stop, if you feel any movement at all , you're good to go shoot a train load of shells. Also check clearance between barrel and forearm with barrel in battery position, if you have a little binding, it could be here, a little scraping is all that's needed, some contact and rubbing is normal. Some barrel extensions have a machined groove between ramps, some do not, you can compare with other one if you can. I hope to be helpful and not scare you, this is not very critical. I dont know your level of mechanical skill, if you need help contact me.
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Hello markd, there is a 28" modified 16 ***** plain barrel on e-bay now. You can have two barrels, tell your wife I said so.
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