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Rem model 31 20ga

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I would like to know the approx. value of a Rem M31 20ga--cream puff condition! Ser#558607
I know that it is one of 75,000 made in 16&20ga
Weight is 5lb.11oz. Black anodized(aluminum?) receiver--however it is not marked 31L as I have noted on the Bluebook website. I have seen only one other M31 standard 20ga, and it was a LOT heavier. I bought the gun used in 1948 or 49. Any help will be greatly appreciated as I am leaving this address on May 16. Thanx, Ron K
EMail: [email protected]
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Ron K.,
Your right they do not even list it since it only ran 2 years I guess they did not think it required its own space!
But brace your self it is noted that even though rare it commands to subtract 10% from the the grading price.
So to sum it up in a nut shell ,Under $500.00.

But if someone wants it, they will pay what they think it`s worth, exspecially if the 31L is missing from there near complete collection.
Hoped we helped!

I have a 20 ga. 31L serial 572XXX. It was made in 1948. It is a skeet grade. Mine is marked 31L on the receiver. There were 31,192 20 ga. 31s. How many were the lightweight version I don't know. Remington called the alloy "Aeromet" and claimed a weight reduction of one pound. The 16/20 ga. serialization started at 500,000. Best, remroc.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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